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Saving you money

I started Green Heating & Air Conditioning with one goal... to Save You Money. I can do that by lowering your heating and air conditioning bills with proper maintenance, repairing your heater or air conditioner right the first time, or installing a new more efficient heating and air conditioning system. And I'll do all that with affordable prices.


While heating and air conditioning certainly have a primary effect on your comfort , air quality also plays an important contribution. There is more to indoor air quality than adjusting the thermostat; just think of the number of hours you spend indoors. Controlling and correcting humidity improves comfort. While eliminating airborne pollutants such as mites, dust, and bacteria can improve your health.


I can provide you with durable, high efficiency heating and air conditioning systems that will reduce your energy costs. I can even implement heating and air conditioning systems using geothermal or solar energy. This will greatly decrease your dependence on your oil, gas and electric company.


Dan Stroup

ICC National Master Mechanical: DS145359

EPA Certification: 6130051104

Service, Repair,and InstallationSince 1985

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